How to retrieve my username and password?

In order to obtain your username and password you will first have to register yourself once.

Activationcode via the landlord

If internet is included in your rent, you will receive an activation code, also known as a voucher code, via your landlord in the form of “stn12345abcdefg” .

You will need this activation code in order to activate your free internet account, thus immediately receiving your accompanying username and password.

You do not have an activation code?

Contact us to check whether you are connectable or…

If you have a strong and good STUDENTENINTERNET Wi-Fi signal, you can go straight to the registration page so that you can receive a broadband subscription directly from us.


Your account will be activated after your details have been legally registered. It is important that this information is correct in order to help you in future…

How to register?

  • in the building via wired network connection or unsecured Wi-Fi network STUDENTENINTERNET(123)
    Whereby 123 corresponds with the first three digits of your activation code.
    Click on “activate your vouchercode here” on the registration page
    All our websites are always available free of charge without logging in!
  • From any internet connection via:

Receiving your username and password

  • Fill in the details correctly: name, first name, email address and mobile number
    mobile international format: for Belgium this is for example: +3293956000
  • Choose an appropriate method of payment
    • If you have an activation code/voucher code, select “vouchercode” as method of payment and fill in the activation code received.
  • Click on “send”
  • If registration is successful:
    • Your username and password will appear on the screen immediately. Save these well!
    • Your username and password will also be confirmed via email.

An activation code can only be used once.
Your username and password are strictly personal and may not be passed on.